About Us

Welcome to My Yonder! We are so excited to serve you and have you as our customers. A little bit about us. We are a small business in a small horse town in Georgia. We have lived in many places in the country and there is nothing like a living in the south. If you have never been to the South there is nothing like it. My name is Joi (pronounced Joey like a baby kangaroo) and I am the founder and owner of My Yonder. I have 4 of the most amazing kids that keep me busy, with dance and school activities. 

Some of the things I love to do is decorate and redecorate my home. I always have a project on my to do list. Ask my hubby, he just rolls his eyes whenever is say, "I've been thinking we should....." haha! I love to paint things and give them new life. Paint can change a whole room!

I also love to take my 2 puppies on walks. They love walks and go crazy anytime they see their leashes. We have to spell the word w-a-l-k or they freak out! 

I love to read. I use to be a hold the book and turn the pages book reader but lately I have loved listening to books on audio. I can multi-task with my projects and carpooling by listening to books. It's so good. 

We are excited that you are here! We love our customers and your satisfaction is so important to us. We are constantly adding new product to our store so please come visit us often! We'll see ya in our store!